Parents, caregivers, educators, and providers need to become educated about sexual abuse in order to help children reduce their risk of victimization. It is essential to initiate discussions about safety with children and to take time to reinforce safety messages and rules at home, school, daycare, etc.

Presentation Topics

The Women’s Center–Youth & Family Services offers an educational presentation about child sexual assault to parents, caregivers, educators and providers. Topics covered during this presentation include:

  • What is Child Sexual Assault
  • Scope of Problem
  • Information about Sex Offenders
  • Behavioral/Emotional/Physical Indicators
  • Impact and Effects of Child Sexual Assault
  • Dynamics of Child Sexual Assault
  • Why Don’t Children Tell
  • Responding to a Disclosure
  • Reporting Child Sexual Assault
  • Protecting Children from Sexual Assault
  • Teaching Prevention Skills
  • Women’s Center–YFS’s Prevention Education Programs
  • Community Resources

Additional Information

For other information on our website about this topic, please visit these pages:

You may also call the Sexual Assault Helpline at (209) 465-4997.

Scheduling a Presentation

For more information, or to schedule a presentation, please contact us.