If you or someone you care about has been a victim of sexual assault or sexual harassment, please call our 24-hour help line at:

(209) 465-4997

tty  For TTY callers, please dial 711 for assistance.

Certified rape crisis counselors offer crisis intervention, counseling, hospital accompaniment, legal advocacy, and information and referral services to men, women, children and families surviving sexual assault. Assistance is available even if the assault is not reported.

Callers may remain anonymous; all calls are confidential and services are provided free of charge. Abuse is one secret we don't want anyone to keep.

Getting Help

Call the Women’s Center–YFS 24-Hour helpline for counseling, hospital accompaniment and legal advocacy.

Seek medical attention for injuries, sexually transmitted disease testing and pregnancy prevention. If you are a recent victim of sexual assault (within 72 hours), and want to report your assault to law enforcement, the following are necessary steps in preserving evidence:

  • Do not bathe
  • Do not douche
  • Do not throw away the clothing you were wearing during the assault. Law enforcement will need it for evidence.
  • Do not alter the environment where you were assaulted.

Remember, you are not responsible for the assault. The responsibility lies solely with the assailant. Try to give yourself the same love, patience, and understanding you would extend to a friend or family member. Through time, you will recover and heal.