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SAAM Announcement FBTW


Every April, Women’s Center-Youth & Family Services (WCYFS), coordinates the Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign for the month of April, to raise awareness about the widespread issue of sexual assault and educate the public about consent, boundaries, unhealthy/healthy relationships and more.

This Year’s SAAM theme is #kNOwMORE, because to END sexual assault we need to KNOW MORE! We invite YOU to join us to work together to end and prevent sexual assault.


Share Your #kNOwMORE sign
Take a picture with your kNOw MORE sign and share it on social media to help raise awareness about sexual assault.

(Download the PDF or Image)


What is Sexual Assault?
Sexual Assault, also known as Sexual violence, is any type of unwanted sexual contact, ranging from sexist attitudes and actions to rape and murder. Sexual violence can include words and actions of a sexual nature against a person’s will. An offender might also use force, threats, manipulation, or coercion to commit sexual violence.

Did you know?
Someone is assaulted every 73 seconds, and every 9 minutes that victim is a child.


Just last year...

  • We received 135 calls to our 24-Hour Helplines.
  • 925 participants and their significant other received services.
  • and
  • Our Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) were activated 97 times, providing confidential advocacy and support to people victimized through the sexual assault exam process while educating them of their rights.

* Data reflect WCYFS fiscal year from July 1, 2019 – June 31, 2020.


Get Involved and Raise Awareness!

Help us end and prevent sexual assault by donating to Make A Difference in the lives of our participants and so many individuals, families, and children in our community.


Wear Teal Day
On Tuesday, April 6 is Wear Teal Day SAAM! Wear teal—whether it’s a teal ribbon, shirt, or other accessory—the color of sexual violence prevention, and share your selfie or create a photo collage with your friends, co-workers, teammates, etc. Remember to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @WCYFS and the hashtags #WCYFS #WearTealDay #SAAM #kNOwMORE.


Join Us!

Denim Day graphic

Denim Day, a campaign on a Wednesday in April in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


On Wednesday, April 28, 2021, millions of people across the works will wear jeans with a purpose, support individuals and families affected after being sexually assaulted and educate themselves and others about all forms of sexual assault/violence.

Spread the Word! Click HERE to download the Denim Day Flyer. 


Why Denim?
Denim Day was established 20 years ago in 1999 after a controversial ruling by the Italian Supreme Court. An 18-year-old girl in Italy was raped by her driving instructor, but the Italian Supreme Court overturned the rape conviction on the basis of the victim’s clothing. They concluded that since the victim was wearing tight jeans, she must have helped to remove them and, therefore, gave consent. Wearing jeans on Denim Day reminds us of the harmful attitudes and misconceptions surrounding sexual assault.

For more information on the case, visit The New York Times’ coverage.


 Denim Day Post Card

Want to make a bigger impact? Wear Jeans and Donate!
YOU can Make A Difference in the lives of our participants and so many individuals, families, and children in our community by showing your support and donating for the cause. You can have a chance to receive SAAM denim mask. To learn more click HERE!


YOU can have an impact without knowing it! Posting your participation and resharing our post during SAAM can help start a conversation, engage and educate the community, and show your support. Remember to tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @WCYFS and the hashtags #WCYFS #SAAM #kNOwMORE.

Spread the Word
Invite us to speak at your school, business, organization, etc. We tailor interactive and informative presentations to fit your group’s needs. Our presentations are offered free of charge. For more information contact us at (209) 941-2611.



You are not alone. We are here to help.
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