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Mind-Body Therapy Group

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
620 North San Joaquin Street, Stockton, California, United States

Thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors all go hand-in-hand. Sometimes our thoughts can feel overwhelming, and our emotions can feel overpowering. By learning to control your thoughts, you can change how you feel and react.

This group therapy course will teach you more awareness about your thinking patterns, your feelings and your behaviors. You’ll have the opportunity to learn coping skills, gain insight to how your body is influenced by your mind, and become the boss of your body. This course is facilitated and designed by a mental health clinician and will utilize mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and different forms of expressive arts therapy.

For more information contact:
Amy Anglim, MA, AMFT 77202
Human Trafficking Clinican
Main Office: (209) 941-2611
Direct: (209) 467-2331

All services are free and confidential. Adults 18 and older are all welcome!